D K Sir

A child’s mind is one of God’s most wondrous creation, and to nourishing as well as develop it in the right what is one of the most dedicated and rewarding tasks one can undertake.
At ADPS: We dedicated our selves to the best and total development of the child’s mind, body and spirit.
Education is an integral activity that cannot be left to the few hours the child spends in the school, and the school activities need to be supplemented by educational activities at home. Education is expected to prepare a student for life and therefore education has to be life-oriented and conversely all life should be education oriented.

Education can should be a rigorous but enjoyable process for a child. The child is encouraged to learn by himself under the guidance of the teacher.
ADPS imparts education which is a perfect blend of Indian culture, tradition and knowledge required to suit the modern era.

Dharmesh Kumar Singh