Computer Lab
The contemporary computer center is the cynosure of Awasiya Delhi Public School. We have full-fledged computer lab with ample number of computers and other allied facilities. Our dedicated and trained professionals guide the students through practical applications of computer science with the help of learning tools.
As a unique identity, we have high speed internet connection service for 24 hrs for students and their parents too. Awasiya Delhi Public School Internet Club provides facilities to the students to browse internet from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. All the students are members of the internet club and are encouraged to browse of their own interests apart from academics.


Our laboratories are designed in such a way to inculcate inquisitiveness among the students to do research and innovate.

There are three different fully equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology with required equipments and apparatus. Social Science laboratory and Mathematics laboratory also find an important place in this institution.

1. Breaking up of any laboratory instrument / apparatus will lead to recovery of the cost of that instrument/apparatus from the defaulters.

2. Record books must be submitted within seven days from the day of experiment done for checking.

Class Room
Our classrooms have a seating capacity of 40 and are well ventilated with ample natural light. Ergonomically designed furniture, smarts boards and teaching aids are available to facilitate the learning process.

The school offers temperature controlled transport facilities for its students. Its buses ply different routes in the cities to cover the widest area possible. Buses and mini buses are available for small charge to transport children to and from the school from several pick-up points located across the town. Buses are not available to pick up and drop off children at their homes and there forge parents must be responsible for delivering and collecting their children to our specified locations

The A.D.P.S library is extremely well stocked and professionally cataloged to allow students to easily find the books they need. The Library contains both reference books and enjoyable children’s story books.
We have a well-stacked library with more than 20,000 volumes of books and a good number of journals and periodicals are subscribed for the benefit of the students and staff. The Reference Section has a variety of standard encyclopedias, dictionaries and standard reference books on almost all topics at the school level.
Well-qualified librarians and assistants, are always available to render any help to the users of the library. The library is computerized and equipped with a Photocopier for taking copies of any relevant article from the reference section of the library. A leased line internet connection is operational in the school library and students are allowed to use this facility on any day.
The library is enriched every year and replenished with new volumes of books, magazines, journals, periodicals and latest reference materials to keep in pace with the rest of the world.

“The School also deserves congratulations for encouraging these talented pupils to realist their potential so enhancing their future. ”