Message from Director

“spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding. Pupils are polite, friendly and delight in their school experience.”

director-desk1Welcome to Awasiye Delhi Public school and thank you for your interesting our school.
At Awasiye Delhi Public school we work together as a team to provide a caring, safe supportive and happy environment where everyone is able to achieve their full potential.
This prospectus aims to given you the basic information you need about our school , whether your child has already been allocated a place or weather you are still deciding on your choice of school.
Education is a partnership between homeland school and we look forward to work with you and your child to give them the best possible all round education.
New and prospective parents are always welcome to visit the school and see the children at work and play. If you would like more information than this brief guide can give, or would like to talk to us personally, please just telephone to make an appointment.
You may find it useful to keep this booklet, as it contains much of the information you will need on a day to day basis when your child starts school.
Yours sincerely,
Mr. Mritunjay Kumar Tiwari